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Data and Information Security of clients:
  1. We sign Non Disclosure Agreement with the clients before commencement of work. The agreement also states that any breach in contract could be reported in India ROC (Registrar of Company-A govt of India department) and Directors/Company can be blacklisted
  2. We sign an agreement with each of the employee before commencement of any work. 
  3. All the systems (Laptop, Desktop) are disabled to operate any external device such as Pen Drive, CD etc.
  4. Employees are not allowed to LogIn on any other system after office hours (We get a notification if any one login after office hour)
  5. Apart from few sites, all the sites are blocked on system
Security Features for IT projects
  1. DAILY BACKUPS: Extra layer of backup protection, unmatched data protection and recovery for your server. Servers provide you with convenient ways to protect your data and back up your server. Daily backups allow you to automatically backup your data each day, and restore that data any time you need to.
  2. FIREWALL CONFIGURATION: The Storm® Firewall provides you with the protection and security isolation that a traditional hardware firewall would provide for your dedicated server for your Storm® Servers. The Storm® Firewall provides your servers with two Firewall options. The Basic Firewall allows you to allow or deny many common web services with a simple check box interface. If you need more detailed Firewall rules, our Advanced Firewall allows you to specify services and ports, as well as source and destination IPs for fine grained tuning of firewall rules.
  3. CDN: To speed up your site and further boost security. We set up and manage CloudFlare.
  4. DDoS ATTACK PROTECTION: We provide basic protection from small volumetric DDoS attacks with every  single server. Best of all, it’s always on and ready to go.
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